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Profesor Titular en la Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas, Bogota, Colombia.

  • Libros
    1. Hector Florez, Jorge Hernandez. Aplicaciones Web Con PHP. Ediciones de la U. ISSN:9789587922349. 2021.
    2. Hector Florez. Sistemas Digitales. Ediciones de la U. ISSN:978-958-762-190-7. 2014.
  • Capítulos de Libro
    1. Hector Florez. Human Factors in Automated Analysis for Enterprise Models. Handbook of Research on the Role of Human Factors in IT Project Management. IGI Global. ISSN:180619075135. 2019.
    2. Hector Florez, Mario Sanchez, Jorge Villalobos. Drafting Enterprise Models. Modeling Methods for Business Information Systems Analysis and Design. IGI Global. ISSN:9781522555223. 2019.
  • Artículos en Revista
    1. Sunday Adeola Ajagbe, Joseph Bamidele Awotunde, Hector Florez . Ensuring Intrusion Detection for IoT Services Through an Improved CNN. SN Computer Science. ISSN:2661-8907. vol:5. p:1-8. (2024).
    2. Romil Rawat, Olukayode Ayodele Oki, Sakthidasan Sankaran, Hector Florez, Sunday Adeola Ajagbe. Techniques for predicting dark web events focused on the delivery of illicit products and ordered crime. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering. ISSN:2088-8708. vol:13 (5). p:5354-5365. (2023).
    3. Marcelo Leon, Gino Cornejo, Micaela Calderón, Erika González-Carrión, Hector Florez. Effect of Deforestation on Climate Change: A Co-Integration and Causality Approach with Time Series. Sustainability. ISSN:2071-1050. vol:14. p:1-14. (2022).
    4. Marcelo Leon, Miriam Vanessa Hinojosa-Ramos, Alan León-Lopez, Simone Belli, Cristian López-Raventós, Hector Florez. eSports Events Trend: A Promising Opportunity for Tourism Offerings. Sustainability. ISSN:2071-1050. vol:14. p:1-14. (2022).
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    6. Eduard Guevara, Alix E Rojas, Hector Florez. Technology platform for the information management of theobroma cacao crops based on the colombian technical standard 5811. Engineering Letters. ISSN:1816093X. vol:30(1). p:298-310. (2022).
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  • Conferencias Académicas
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