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CEO at Science Based Platforms, Los Angeles, United States

  • Journal Articles
    1. Yepes-Calderon, F. , McComb, J.G.. Accurate image-based CSF volume calculation of the lateral ventricles. Scientific Reports. ISSN:2045-2322. vol:12 (1). p:1-8. (2022).
    2. Pulido Morales, L.L. , Buitrago Romero, J.S. , Ardila Sanchez, I.A. , Yepes-Calderon, F.. Turning any bed into an intensive care unit with the Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology. Presenting the enhanced mechanical ventilator. F1000 Research. ISSN:2046-1402. vol:11 (1570). p:1-18. (2022).
    3. Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb . Accurate image-based CSF volume calculation of the lateral ventricles. Scientific Reports. ISSN:2045-2322. vol:12. p:12115. (2022).
    4. Fernando Yepes-Calderon, Frisca Wihardja, Andrea Sloan, Janet Kim, Marvin D. Nelson, J. Gordon McComb. Measuring Maximum Head Circumference Within the Picture Archiving and Communication System: A Fully Automatic Approach. Frontiers in Pediatrics. ISSN:2296-2360. vol:9. p:671. (2021).
    5. Fernando Yepes-Calderon, Stefan Bluml, Stephan Erberich, Marvin D. Nelson, J. Gordon McComb. Improving the picture archiving and communication system: towards one-click clinical quantifying applications. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization. ISSN:21681163. vol:7(2). p:154-161. (2019).
  • Academic Conferences
    1. Marin Cifuentes, R.S. , Florez Laiseca, A.M. , Yepes-Calderon, F.. Introducing Planet-Saving Strategies to Measure, Control, and Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Misuse in Household Residences. p:440-454. Arequipa, Peru. (2022).
    2. Yepes-Calderon, F.. Automatic Location and Suppression of Calcification and Atheromas by Gradient Change in the Pattern of Intensities Inside the Carotid Artery. p:427-439. Arequipa, Peru. (2022).
    3. Yésica Rodríguez, Alejandra Huérfano, Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb, Hector Florez. Cerebrospinal Fluid Containers Navigator. A Systematic Literature Review. p:340-351. Malaga, Spain. (2022).
    4. Yepes Calderon, G. , Perea Sandoval, J. , Oviedo-Correa, J. , Linero-Moreno, F. , Yepes-Calderon, F.. Characterizing Musculoskeletal Disorders. A Case Study Involving Kindergarten Employees. p:266-277. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2021).
    5. Yepes Zuluaga, J.F. , Gregory Tatis, A.D. , Forero Arévalo, D.S. , Yepes-Calderon, F.. Evalu@ + Sports. Creatine Phosphokinase and Urea in High-Performance Athletes During Competition. a Framework for Predicting Injuries Caused by Fatigue. p:290-302. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2021).
    6. Gregory, A. , Yepes Calderon, E. , Jimenez, F. , McComb, J.G. , Yepes-Calderon, F.. Fairly Ranking the Neediest in Worldwide Social Systems. An Artificial Intelligence Approach Born in Cov2 Pandemic Outbreak. p:43-55. Ota, Nigeria. (2020).
    7. Yepes-Calderon, F. , Giraldo Quiceno, A.F. , Carmona Orozco, J.F. , McComb, J.G.. The Bio-I Capsule. Preventing Contagion of Aerial Pathogens with Real-Time Reporting in Evalu@. p:116-128. Ota, Nigeria. (2020).
    8. Camilo Espinosa, Manuel Garcia, Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb, Hector Florez. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Automation Using Supervised Artificial Intelligence. A Systematic Literature Review. p:104-115. Ota, Nigeria. (2020).
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