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Karina Salvatierra
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Assitance Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Posadas Argentina.

  • Journal Articles
    1. Salvatierra Karina. Epidemiología molecular del virus de la hepatitis C. Infectio. ISSN:0123-9392. vol:21. p:117-125. (2017).
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    5. Karina Salvatierra, Hector Florez. Pathogen Sequence Signature Analysis (PSSA): A software tool for analyzing sequences to identify microorganism genotypes. F1000 Research. ISSN:2046-1402. vol:6 (21). p:1-8. (2017).
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  • Academic Conferences
    1. Hector Florez, Karina Salvatierra. A Tool for Analyzing Mutations in Biomedical Microorganisms. p:25-33. Orlando, United States. (2017).
    2. Karina Salvatierra, Marcos Vera, Hector Florez. Bioinformatics Methods to Discover Antivirals Against Zika Virus. p:3-14. Madrid, Spain. (2019).
    3. Karina Salvatierra, Hector Florez . Bioinformatics Approach to Analyze Influenza Viruses. p:442-452. Medellin, Colombia. (2018).
    4. Florez Hector, Salvatierra Karina. A Web-Based Approach for Analyzing Microorganism Sequences. p:96-107. Cartagena, Colombia. (2017).
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