Jorge Hernandez
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  • Libros
    1. Hector Florez, Jorge Hernandez. Aplicaciones Web Con PHP. Ediciones de la U. ISSN:9789587922349. 2021.
  • Artículos en Revista
    1. Jorge Hernandez, Karen Daza, Hector Florez. Spiking Neural Network Approach based on Caenorhabditis Elegans Worm for Classification. IAENG International Journal of Computer Science. ISSN:1819656X. vol:49 (4). p:1099-1111. (2022).
  • Conferencias Académicas
    1. Jorge Hernandez, Hector Florez. An Experimental Comparison of Algorithms for Nodes Clustering in a Neural Network of Caenorhabditis Elegans. p:327-339. Cagliari, Italia. (2021).
    2. Jorge Hernandez, Karen Daza, Hector Florez. Alpha-Beta vs Scout Algorithms for the Othello Game. p:65-79. Madrid, España. (2019).
    3. Jorge Hernandez, Karen Daza, Hector Florez, Sanjay Misra . Dynamic Interface and Access Model by Dead Token for IoT Systems. p:485-498. Madrid, España. (2019).
    4. Karen Daza, Jorge Hernandez, Hector Florez . Hardware and Software System for Hydric Estimation and Crop Irrigation Scheduling. p:150-165. San Petesburgo, Rusia. (2019).
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